Meghalaya exports turmeric and ginger powder to Netherlands and UK

Agriculture Minister Pantidor Lingoh said on Wednesday that high-quality Lakdung turmeric and ginger powder had previously been sent to the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. The Lakdong variety of turmeric originates from the Lakdong district of West Gintia Hills region. It is considered one of the best types of turmeric in the world as the curcumin percentage in it ranges from 6.8 to 7.5 percent.

He said that high quality ginger powder comes from villages in Ray Phui district.

“About 150 kg of Lakkadung turmeric and another 150 kg of ginger powder were sent to the Netherlands. Another 210 kg of Lakkadung turmeric and 5 kg of ginger powder were earmarked for the UK,” Pantido said.

He said that the export was part of an experiment and the process was carried out with the help of the state government after the demand of the consumers of these two countries.

The minister said that the export of products received from women self-help groups in these two areas would start last year, but it was not possible due to the pandemic.

He said that Meghalaya produced 16,383 tonnes of turmeric in 2016-2017.

More than 50 percent turmeric is grown in the West Jaintia Hills region. Villages such as Sumer, Lakkadong, Changpong, Yuexi, Nongtingkou and Kochonong are known to grow turmeric, a senior agriculture official said.

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