Meeting between France and the United Kingdom in Paris ahead of possible sanctions

Paris and London are in dispute over fishing licenses given to Europeans after Brexit. France threatens Britain with sanctions

The British Foreign Minister for Brexit, David Frost, meets with the Secretary of State for European Affairs, Clement Beaune, in Paris this Thursday, amid the fisheries crisis.

Paris and London are in dispute over fishing licenses given to Europeans after Brexit. France threatened to ban British fishing vessels from unloading their cargo in French ports and tighten customs controls on all trucks at midnight on Monday if London did not grant more licenses to French fishermen. threatened. He eventually withdrew the ultimatum temporarily while awaiting the Paris meeting.

“It is not when we are negotiating that we will impose sanctions,” Emmanuel Macron defended the press on the sidelines of COP26 in Glasgow, United Kingdom. “The next few hours are critical hours”, the French president assured. “We have received the first signal from the British authorities to accelerate business. The response to the latest proposals from the French authorities is expected between now and Wednesday,” the French president said on Monday.

“deep discussion”

The British government, for its part, “welcomed” the suspension of sanctions, saying “to welcome France’s recognition that a thorough discussion is necessary to resolve all difficulties in relations between the United Kingdom and the European Union”.

Under the Brexit deal, European fishermen can continue to operate in certain UK waters, provided they can prove they have previously fished there. But the French and British debate the nature and extent of supporting documents to be provided. About a quarter of French catches by volume (about 20% in value) come from British waters, which are very rich in fish and which are the source of 650 million euros in annual sales for European fishermen.

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The subject was discussed between the United Kingdom and the European Commission in Brussels on Wednesday, during which the sensitive point of replacement vessels, namely new French fishing vessels replacing old ones, was discussed.

A trawler stationary for a week

The British, who refused to take them into account, seem to have softened their stance, but they want a guarantee that their catches will not exceed the boats they replaced.

A point was to be made at the European level on Wednesday evening “before Thursday’s meeting of Frost-Buene”, the European source said, highlighting the “trust problem” between the parties. “Discussions are progressing, but with no success,” she further remarked.

In an apparent concern for appeasement, Scottish trawler Cornelis Gert Jan, frozen in France for a week fishing more than two tons of unlicensed scallops, departed the port of Le Havre late in the afternoon. .

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