Meet the Too Hot To Handle season three cast and mourn how fit they are

Netflix has finally released the full cast list for the third season of its dating show Too Hot to Handle and they are honestly the sexiest people I’ve ever seen in my silly life.

The third season is starting from January 17th and from what we have already seen from the cast, it is going to be iconic. Applicants have come from all over the country including the UK, US and Australia – one man has even been a model for ASOS, so you already know they are sensational.

So now it’s time to meet the full cast of Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle season three:



via @_beauxraymond_ on Instagram

Instagram ID: @_beauxraymond_

Beaux is the 24-year-old legal secretary from Kent, UK. Her Instagram bio says “I’m unique, it’s better than being perfect” and to be honest, it serves up some big vibes. She’s only posted on Instagram 32 times, but every pic is gorgeous and in a caption she says “F ya Life” which makes me think she’s definitely on TikTok and familiar with the bing bong joke.

Georgia Hassarati

Too Hot to Handle the Season Three Cast

on Instagram via @georgiahassarati

Instagram ID: @georgiahassarati

Georgia, 26, is a midwifery student from Brisbane, Australia, and she claims her celebrity crush is Justin Bieber — so she’s already like the rest of us. Judging by her Instagram, she has a very cute dog named SpongeBob with whom she often posts pictures. But when SpongeBob isn’t around, Georgia is busy becoming the epitome of beauty glamour.

It already has over 63,000 customers, which is understandable given the pristine vibes of its grid.

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holi scarves

on Instagram via @hollyscarfone

Instagram Identifier: @hollyscarfone

Holly is a 23-year-old college student and model from Colorado, USA. Apparently she’s not looking to settle down and even finds relationships boring, which tells me she’s not afraid to pretend – I love her already.

She also goes by the name of Hurricane Holi and also claims that she is the life of the party.

easy fairthorne

on Instagram via @izfairr

Instagram ID: @izfairr

Izzy represents Manchester and is a 22-year-old personal trainer, occasionally wearing sportswear in her stunning Instagram photos. She has two fitness highlights on her Instagram and her bio reads, “It’s been said before, I’m not doing anything good.”

Jazzlyn Holloway

Too Hot to Handle the Season Three Cast Too Hot to Handle the Season Three Cast

on Instagram via @jazkills

Instagram ID: @jazkills

Jazz is a 25 year old entrepreneur and model from Virginia, USA and her Instagram caption set is the best I have ever seen. Her bio says, “Some people call it boozy, I call it that girl”, and her captions often sound like “Who’s gonna refuse?” Or “I’m no ordinary bitch” – we love it already.


Nathan Son

on Instagram via @nathsoan

Instagram ID: @nathsoan

You might think that you recognize Nathan from somewhere and you will if you shop at places like ASOS, Pretty Little Thing, or Next. She’s a 24-year-old model from South Africa and she’s so sexy that you might even die if you stare at her chiseled jawline for too long.

Patrick Mullen

@thepatmullen sur Instagram . Through

Identity Instagram : @thepatmullen

I think we can all agree that we need to hurry Patrick and kick off our hair care routine because those curls are to die for. He’s a model and actor from Hawaii, and he’s turning the season’s oldest contender at 29 years old.

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This man is still in shorts and almost all of the photos on his grid were taken by or on the beach, so it looks like Too Hot to Handle is the perfect show for him.

Steven Ditter

Too Hot to Handle the Season Three Cast Too Hot to Handle the Season Three Cast

on Instagram via @stevanditter

Instagram ID: @stevenditor

Steven, 26, says he’s going to bring all the chaos this season. In fact, what she actually said was “I’m definitely a savage, I like to break all the rules” – Lana would love that, we’re sure.

His biography says “I am the answer to your daddy’s problems” – fair enough.


Too Hot to Handle the Season Three Cast Too Hot to Handle the Season Three Cast

@truthsworld sur Instagram . Through

Instagram ID: @truthsworld

Satya is a 23-year-old criminology student from Texas. His Instagram doesn’t offer much, but he already has over 11,000 followers, which is crazy. He has also shut down his comments unlike everyone else in the cast. But that doesn’t change the fact that she’s gorgeous.

harry johnson

on Instagram via @harryjohnson92

Instagram ID: @harrijohnson92

Well, now it looks like Harry and Patrick are joining the Kings to become the oldest contenders for season three, as they both turn 29. Harry is an arborist from Middlesboro in the UK and claims he looks like Harry Styles – what do you think?

From his Instagram we can tell that Harry loves to watch a pint, football and wear crappy shirts so that he can easily be the man of your dreams.

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