Meet the Japanese man with the only degree in the world in ninja studies

Genichi Mitsuhashi has become the first student ever to graduate from a Japanese university with a master's degree in ninja studies.

Genichi Mitsuhashi, 45, spent two years studying the history, traditions and fighting techniques of ninjas, the mysterious secret agents of feudal Japan at the country’s Mie University.

Their known privacy and high skill levels were masters of ninjas, espionage, sabotage, assassination and guerrilla warfare. at least the 14th century. Still, Mitsuhashi said that ninjas are independent farmers and moved to the mountainous Iga province, 220 miles from the Japanese capital Tokyo, to better understand how they live.

“Iga is where Ninja used to live. The climate of this region created the nature of the ninja. ”

Mitsuhashi grows his own rice and vegetables at Iga, where he runs a local inn. He also teaches martial arts and ninjutsu – ninja art – in his own dojo.

Master’s degree course, Mie University’s International Ninja Research Center In Iga – the first in the world dedicated to ninja work.

Besides history, students learn traditional martial and survival skills, including basic martial arts and how to cross mountain areas while remaining unnoticed.

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Ninja studies professor Yuji Yamada said Mitsuhashi is a “devoted student”.

“He literally devotes his life to ninja,” he added.

Mitsuhashi, who wanted to do a doctorate in Ninja studies, said that the course gave him information about the present and the past.

“It is important for modern Japan to live independently for your own survival and well-being,” he said. “The world is not global, but local for each of us. The era of globalization has ended.”

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