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France 2
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M. Boiseau, C. Medini, C. Dubrul, L. soudre – France 2

France Television

France Television went to visit an English pestis producer. Report from Cornwall, South West England.

tarquin leadbetter, Director of Distillery Western, is the only local pestis producer in the UK. They first started producing the national liquor, gin. But one summer day in 2013, the memory of France caught up with him: I was looking for recipes, I used fennel seeds, licorice and I knew it was a high quality spirit when I tasted it. I lived in France when I was in my twenties, so I had to do more Jin.

It takes liberties with the Cornish Pastis Mousse. colors are similar, but The recipe is different, less spicy. The way it is diluted is also different, it is drunk withwater, but Often accompanied by tonics, such as gin. a profanity for Marseille, but The British are tempted by this less sweet pastry. these are bottles Tax A place in the UK, especially in a bar.

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