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D-1 of reopening roofs, places of culture and shops, Olivier Veran is on a promotional tour. On BMFTV Monday evening, the Health Minister followed up with Twitch, where after a start focused on the health crisis, questions quickly became more personal. Can the Indian version spoil the deconfirmation? Scientists facing outbreak of epidemic in the country are not convinced. In the United Kingdom, 1,300 cases of the Indian version have already been detected. With us, Sainte Public France develops eight groups of Indian editions across the region. What worries the experts is that these are clusters without special links with India, which would indicate that the virus is already spreading in the country. In the United States, wearing a mask will soon be a thing of the past. It is no longer mandatory for those who have been vaccinated. Problem: The country refuses to install health passes, so it is difficult to know exactly who has been vaccinated and who has not. And for France? On BFMTV, Olivier Veran reported that the government is considering withdrawing the best – wearing – masks until summer. Where does Kovid-19 come from? The question has not been answered even after more than a year of the epidemic. Many hypotheses have been made, but none has yet been proven. On the other hand, one of them is regularly relaunched: of a possible leakage of viruses from a laboratory. This is big news in the media world of the last 24 hours: We came to know about the upcoming merger of TF1 and M6 on Monday evening. At the end of a long battle between Vincent Bolor (Vivendi), the trio Javier Neil, Matthew Pigsey and Pierre-Antoine Captain, Italian Mediaset or Czech Daniel Kratiस्कीski, M6 finally topped with the ever-present enemy, TF1 and Martin Bouygs. is. What will this private TV giant look like? On the French political side, the regional campaign has been officially launched from Monday. And it looks more like the first half of the president than most. On behalf of LAREM, at least 13 ministers have started the fight and not all of them leave with equal probability of success.

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