McLaren has confirmed the launch of the ‘next generation’ hybrid 2021

McLaren has confirmed the launch of the ‘next generation’ hybrid 2021

McLaren has confirmed that the first series production hybrid labeled a high-performance hybrid (HPH) supercar will be launched next year as a replacement for its long-running sports series line.

Described by the working firm as a ‘next-generation’ supercar, the upcoming machine will arrive in the first half of 2021 with a hybrid power train based on a new V6 petrol engine. McLaren has previously only used hybrid powertrains on range-topping machines such as the P1 and Speedtail.

McLaren says the new HPH supercar has entered the final stages of testing before launch. While technical details have not yet been released, McLaren claims it will provide “wonderful levels of performance and a uniquely intense driving experience.” It will also offer “medium-range” electronic-cable running, which Autocar understands about 20 miles.

Autocar also realizes that the new car system, which was previously spied on for testing, will be a plug-in hybrid, with both turbocharged V6 and electric motors shipped to the car.Its rear axle

The new HPH machine will be built on the new McLaren Carbon Lightweight Architecture (MCLA) platform, which McLaren says is optimized for hybrid power trains. It added that the new architecture had “taken the firm’s lightweight chassis technology to new heights”, which would be the main theme of McLaren’s intention to reduce the added weight due to the heavy batteries required for electrified power trains.

McLaren Automotive boss Mike Fluitte describes the new McLaren HPH model, which has not yet been given an official title, “a new kind of McLaren for the new era, a great driverA car that delivers an electric range capable of cutting through most urban rides as well as flashing performance..

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The HPH Supercar is designed to sit between the recently launched GT and Super Series 720S, a position traditionally complemented by the Sports Series line.

McLaren has confirmed that the Sports Series title, introduced in 2015 for the 570S, will be dropped for the new hybrid model. This makes the limited run 620 RK the ultimate model of the sports series line.

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