McDonald’s Depot blocked by environmental activists

According to its organizers, the operation, led by animal and environmental activists, will last for at least 24 hours and affect 1,300 restaurants. The series apologized in advance for the inconvenience caused to its customers.

Animal and environmental activists on Saturday blocked several distribution centers of American fast food chain McDonald’s in the United Kingdom, saying it would affect 1,300 restaurants.

«We are doing this to end the misery of fast food that causes obesity, destroying the Amazon and warming the planet»Animal rebellion, explained on Twitter, is the group behind the action that targets four distribution centers in England at Coventry (center), Manchester (north), Basingstoke (south) and Hemel Hampstead near London. Animal Rebellion has announced that it intends to stay at least 24 hours at the targeted sites.


A McDonald’s spokesman said the chain’s distribution center “Currently undergoing disruption“Which she was evaluating”Impact on delivery to our restaurant». «We apologize to our customers for any disappointment that may occur“, she added.

Animal Rebellion released footage that included images of activists blocking the entrance to a distribution site in Coventry, central England, using bamboo structures and a van. Coventry Police explained on Twitter that they “connect with activists”Reduce interference».

«We recognize the right to a peaceful demonstration, but there are security concerns as the only point of entry and exit from the distribution site has been blocked and is causing significant disruption to businesses, which we take seriously.Police said.

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