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Civil society angry over indecency by police

Yesterday, facing the press, the Rohi movement stepped on the plate, inciting the regime and the way of “giving equipment to the police”. With our correspondent in Antananarivo, Sara Tetad Madagascar, on 18 February, gunned down from a student gunshot, died for four months, while attending a student demonstration to demand payment of the scholarship. Two days later, the government issued a press release stating that the young man had died of a “warning shot”. The water drop is too much for Malagasy civil society, which said it was “amazed” by such interpretations. Farnina Ramosona, the national coordinator of the Rohi movement, expressed her great concern about the climate of fear, carefully maintained by the current power. “Maintenance of a more repressive order than a deterrent”, misuse of the police force of its primary function. “We have a clear sense that the police forces at the moment are to protect their political capacity rather than assuming their actual role in the maintenance of order. To ensure that peaceful demonstrations go well. The current government can be no doubt, no criticism, it has a very weak will to consult or listen to, although we are still in 2021 and no longer in the 80s and 90s. He considers all those who are enemies of the nation the opposition – including the opposition – and all those who want to demonstrate peacefully and they accuse him of political conspiracy behind any public demonstration. It is a dangerous sport because while performing, I remind you, there is a right, in a country that claims to be democratic. “For the current attitude of the opposition, described by civil society as” hard-line and not very creative “, the latter recalls that” during presidential elections, there was a 52% abortion rate. This is to say that more than half of the population has decided not to vote for Mr. Rajoilina or Mr. Rawalomana. It also means that the two heroes and their supporters do not have the right to think that the country belongs to them. In the event of a new political and social crisis, civil society gives the final warning, both sides will be held fully responsible for the occurrence of this situation.

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