Matchmaking is available in beta

Finally, Trackmania provides a ranking matching system. Even if the mode is still in development, it is already possible to compete against other players.

Nado’s racing game now has a way to compete against other players on the seasonal campaign map.

The rows

Each match allows players to gain or lose rank points. Overall, a win allows you to score points where a defeat will lose them. In addition, the MVP (the player who scores the most points in the match) is rewarded, even if it is on the losing team. The number of stitches determines the rank:

  • Unrank: 0 point
  • Starting 1: 1 000 mark
  • Beginner 2: 1 250 marks
  • Beginning 3: 1 500 points
  • Challenger 1: 2 000 points
  • Challenger 2: 2 250 points
  • Challenger 3: 2 500 points
  • Master 1: 3 000 marks
  • Master 2: 3 500 marks
  • Master 3: 4 000 marks
  • Trackmaster: 5 000 marks

It is important to note that 5,000 points represent the minimum value for reaching the trackmaster rank. In fact, only 10 players above the 5,000 mark can claim this rank.

The format

The match format uses a 3v3 team mode with 5 winning points. In each round, players earn points according to their position and the team with the most points at the end of each round wins the points.

In the event of a player disconnect, points are awarded only for the first 4 (or 2 if a team ends up with only one player).

The maps played depend on the rank of the players:

  • Unranked / Beginner: Map 1 à 10
  • Challenger: 6 to 20 maps
  • Master / Trackmaster: Map 11 à 25
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It is also useful to note that it will soon be possible to launch this group game mode to play with friends.

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