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MasterChef is an amateur television show open to those who have never worked in the field of gastronomy, non-professionals. Initially broadcast by TF1, the contest allows the winner to win an amount amounting to 100,000 Euros, six months of training at a major cooking school and the publication of their own recipe book by Solar Editions. Seven years after its last broadcast on NT1, MasterChef will return to French TV in a revamped version by France 2.

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MasterChef 2022: What are the new features planned by France 2?

Cooking show for amateurs MasterChef is back on France 2 after many years. this will be the new version broadcast on French television in the coming months, It is this news that delights the followers of this culinary competition, who knew 5 seasons (TF1 then on NT1) before dying mainly due to lack of viewers.

Surprise planned for TV show

Even if the mechanics of the competition remain the same, don’t expect a carbon copy of what was done at the time. There’s a surprise for you in France 2 for this new version that promises to be even more detailed and more interesting. Therefore new developments are expected regarding the development of trials, the choice of candidates, but also the composition of a statutory jury. 8 Primetime MasterChef 2022 Order has been given. The broadcast is scheduled for the next school year.
Nicolas Daniel, director of France television magazines, explained to Le Parisien that MasterChef “is all about social interactions, closeness, quality products. »

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In the last program, many great names in gastronomy (Chef, Food Critics) Succeeded on the jury. For example we can cite Frédéric Anton, Yves Camdeborde, Sébastien Demorand, Gilles Goujon and Amandine Chagnot.

A new presenter for the famous cooking contest

We remember host Carole Rousseau well, who scoured France with a jury to identify the kitchen’s new star alongside MasterChef. This time, a change will be made, as it will be a new animator who will be taking care of it. At first, Faustin Boulart and Julia Vignali were approached, like Cyril Ferrod, to animate the next season of MasterChef. The two hosts in charge of several TV shows and the host of France 3 have undoubtedly declined the offer due to their busy schedules.

It is therefore Agathe LacaroneWho will be the presenters of Kindergarten on France 5 New presenters of the famous cooking contest, She will replace Sandrine Quetier who was the final presenter of MasterChef in 2015.
Remember that Agathe LeCarn isn’t really a novice in the cooking show field. She already made sure to present Season 2 head chef (M6 Culinary Competition) with Stephen Rotenberg.

Artists for MasterChef 2022 of France 2

If you wish to apply to become a new candidate of MasterChef 2022 it is possible, mold has been launched. To participate in the new MasterChef of France 2, please send an email to [email protected] mentioning your contact details. Filming begins in late April–early May 2022.

MasterChef starts in France on TF1 then NT1

MasterChef is a French TV show aimed at non-professionals. Presented by Carol Russo (first 3 seasons), this cooking competition is inspired by the successful format broadcast on the BBC in the UK.
The first 4 seasons of the TV show were broadcast on TF1 between 2010 and 2015. While the fourth season of MasterChef takes place without a host, the fifth season was hosted by Sandrine Quétier on NT1. In fact, destructive hearing What was done during the first two episodes prompted TF1 to cancel the program to replace it with a profiling series. It was then that NT1, belonging to the TF1 group, took over the Pak schedule to air the rest of the episodes. This will be the last season of MasterChef till the return of this contest is announced recently. If you want to be the great chef of the future, now is the time to participate.

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