Master Main Collection can come on other platforms

It has become a tradition on the site, Friday is the latest news day from the development teams of 343 industries. Hello: The Master Chief Collection. This week, in addition to various content and general updates, a short sentence at the end of the article caught our attention.

… and maybe a new place, a new way, to play.

These few words can lead to many speculations. If expecting the arrival of the Halo saga on the Playstore or Switch is obviously far-fetched, then expecting it in third-party stores in the PC universe is fairly realistic. For example, Epic Games Store is the norm, which already hosts State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition. And even more likely, this may be the first clue to the entry of the bus Master Main Collection In the xCloud Games Library. As a reminder, the service should land on iOS devices as well as Windows this spring. The timing could not be more perfect.

343 Industries’ plans, such an expansion could be a good way to franchise new potential players, and allow fans to dive back into it from the new ecosystem, while Hello infinite Still in preparation.

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