Master Chef Mystery as an editor in one of four professional contestants

Master Chef: The show announced that one of the four contestants had performed an edit that stunned professional viewers on Tuesday night.

A slide at the beginning of the BBC1 show read: “This program has been edited and contains 3 of the original 4 contestants.”

The other three contestants are Guillaume from London, Burhan from Coventry and Scott from Manchester.

They took part in aptitude tests to impress judges Greg Wallace, Marcus Waring and Monica Galletti, and Scott was sent home at the end of the show.

The show initially announced that a chef had been edited

Fans, however, spotted a glimpse of the fourth chef, whose shoulders and elbows can be seen at the corners of a few shots.

The chef who was, they were booking a version of the Cripps Suzette in Marpas, but their effort was never publicized.

A spokesman for a master chef told MailOnline: “The program was edited tonight to remove their presence today due to an unexpected situation regarding one of our competitors.”

Judges Monica Galti, Marcus Waring and Greg Wallace

One viewer asked: “Does anyone know why tonight’s MasterChef was edited to show only three contestants ???”

“Someone edited from Masterchef and I need to know what should happen,” commented another.

“When no weirder was found in 2020, the master chef edited the fourth chef in a skill test in a shroud of mystery,” the third added.

Gilam, Burhan and Scott were the three chefs shown in this episode

After Sky History recently aired an episode of its new wooden show The Chop, other fans wondered if the missing contestant had done anything potentially offensive.

The tattoo of a contestant on the Lee Mc-Fronted show showed that it was related to Nazi and white hegemony and gave rise to online outrage.

Other fans suggested that it was related to Kovid-1, writing: “Maybe something needs to be done with Kovid?”

Someone replied: “Why don’t they see them edit? A celebrity master chef contestant had to be dropped because of the suspicious Covid. It wasn’t Covid, but they were still present.”

* Masterchef airs on BBC 1 on Tuesday at 9pm

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