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Twitch Hacking. A streaming platform specializing in the distribution of video game-related content has been a victim of piracy. The source code of the application and user data will be transmitted over the Internet.

This Wednesday, October 6, 2021, a large data file – representing over a hundred gigabytes – was posted by an anonymous user of the 4Chan forum. According to him, it will contain extremely sensitive data related to Twitch, the streaming platform of global giant Amazon. The file will specifically include all the source code of the Service and its various applications for computers, telephones, game consoles and connected TVs, which can be used to identify security vulnerabilities in the infrastructure of this ecosystem.

In addition, many personal data will also be transmitted over the web. The shared file will actually contain an expanded list of revenues paid to streamers by the platform over the past three years, a topic on which there is currently a certain ambiguity. Therefore, highly sensitive information for a profession in which the reputation of content producers is important.

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At the moment, the authenticity of this data has not been confirmed. However, one of the most prominent French streamers, ZiratoR, whose estimated earnings appear in the file, posted a message on Twitter, responding to the outbreak of the nascent controversy and confirming that the data about him is accurate. Was. This is enough evidence to take the incident seriously, without creating proof of the veracity of the entire contents of the file.

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Finally, with regard to identifiers of users of the platform, there are some indications indicating that they are present in the file. Therefore as a precaution, it is recommended that all users Quickly change your password and activate two-factor authentication in your account security settings.

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