Marvel’s Spider-Man remastered: Why Peter Parker’s new design is controversial

Marvel's Spider-Man remastered: Why Peter Parker's new design is controversial

Nonetheless, the most interesting reactions to this face change have come from those who think that this new character model doesn’t necessarily match the story of the game or the upcoming timeline. Miles Morales Game

That argument must be said. Although it is entirely possible that the model described as “younger” is only representative of a person who looks younger than her, Miles Morales now looks much older than Peter, despite being Parker’s junior practice.

Furthermore, the game’s original Peter Parker model was praised by some fans simply because it was not a clear copy of any existing Peter Parker design (although it did send some light-hearted Andrew Garfield vibes) but the design inspired the game’s story. Marvel’s Spider-Man Spider-Man has been around for quite some time before the game started. It is understood that he is a bit older and will probably look a little tired of his responsibilities.

In response to some of these concerns, Brian Intihar, creative director of Insomnia, went to Twitter to brief Peter Parker on the restructuring team’s decision for this remaster:

While Intihar’s remarks do not address concerns about why Insomniac went with this particular character’s design during Peter Parker’s face-actor remake, it’s interesting that he notes that this new design is the best “our upcoming goals for this favorite Marvel character.” This is probably another way of saying that this redesign eliminates some technical issues, but it probably opens the door to the possibility that this soup was partly based on a creative decision.

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