Marvel’s Avengers Breaks Promise and Offers Cash XP Boost Xbox one

This is the face soup of Marvel’s Avengers players. Square Enix rejected an old promise. “Pay to Win” is underway and the geek population is faltering for good reason.

It’s Time to Take Out Your Credit Card

We often say in life that bad news always follows good news. As old as the world is, Marvel’s Avengers has had to deal with players’ anxiety.

While Xbox console owners have just celebrated the game’s arrival in Xbox Game Pass, their joy has fueled anger and misunderstanding.

This is because Square Enix has also decided to introduce consumables, which can only be obtained through credits that you get by spending your money in the game.

These consumables have the particularity of temporarily increasing your XP gain, or increasing the amount of resources you collect, thus ensuring faster progress.

Square Enix broke its promise

The finding is far from unanimous in the community of Marvel’s Avengers, especially as we know the publisher swore that the system would never see the light of day on software developed by Crystal Dynamics. We want proof of the following statements.

Megan Marie Responsible for Community at E3 2019:

Our promise to the community is that there will be no random loot boxes or pay-to-win scenarios.

Scott Amos, responsible for Crystal Dynamics, a week after E3 2019:

As far as monetization is concerned, we’ll offer cosmetics, but nothing that requires you to take out your wallet to progress more easily in the game.

The bullet doesn’t go to the players at all

Available since the summer of 2020, the promises made on Marvel’s Avengers still haven’t been fulfilled a year later.

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A change in status that gamers don’t support at all, something known with hateful messages towards Crystal Dynamics.

Will Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics manage to catch on or have they denounced the Marvel Avengers?

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