Marvel Snap: Trailer and info on the new ultra-dynamic TCG full of superheroes

Who would have believed so? It’s really towards a world of cards to play and collectibles that miracle For your next mobile and PC game. The most famous film franchise in the world presented its next ultra-fast TCG in the evening: Miracle Snap, The game has no release date yet, but it may well appeal to TCG fans, as it is based on Ben Brode (formerly sports director of the hearth) in person who oversees the project

avengers gathering

The biggest feature of Marvel Snap is its exciting gameplay, because Games last only 3 minutes and take place in real time, without a system of turns to regulate players’ actions., Obviously, both days act at the same time to take advantage.

tell that, boards There might be a slight lack of clarity at times, but at least we won’t be bored! and then you have to accept that This very short game format is perfectly suited for mobile.

A treat for fans?

Marvel relies heavily on the richness of the Snap MCU (after all why would it deprive itself of it?). Splashshirts. These clearly echo different generations of comics and drawings, sometimes to our greatest delight.


It will probably be necessary to wait a few weeks or even a few months to get a clear overview of the game’s very intense gameplay. Registrations for the beta phase are already open to Android players, but unfortunately they do not belong to France.

The famous Canadian streamer recently tried his hand at Clash Royale. But it looks like Supercell’s game isn’t for everyone… It took only 10 minutes for xQc to start blaming the free-to-play aspect of the game.

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