Martinique University Hospital appeals to stop everyone’s responsibility

The communication service of CHUM (Centre Hospitalier Universitare de Martinique) takes responsibility for all, and this Thursday, December 16, 2021, published a letter of support to the public hospital. CHU is going through a very dangerous crisis. The fate of Martinique’s health is slipping from the structure.


CHUM d. But the situation is very worryingSince the start of this health crisis, both have been seriously affected by COVID through a large influx of patients. Members of the Department of Communications Speak”A return to the pandemic, which still mourns the shortage and exhaustion of many families, nursing and medical personnel, and repeated postponements of treatment for non-COVID maladies.

The fate of Martinique’s health is slipping away from the pillars of our public hospital. It now seems based on everyone’s responsibility and awareness to stop this crisis.

Special unit for COVID-19 patients.


© Christel Civete

This paper mentions it as a list of various problems:

A significant drop in the sending of national reinforcements in health professionals, which benefited us, while the fourth has really never been less in Martinique, and in particular for the staff of CHUM; – The brutal shortage of nursing and medical personnel at CHUM due to exhaustion, multiple sick leaves and social distress deprives us of a good part of our vital power; – hence, the inability to open additional beds to manage the influx of COVID patients, and vice versa with the compulsion to close them; – An accumulated delay in the care of non-COVID patients, those with severe morbidity and requiring uninterrupted care to ensure their survival; – The current impossibility of medical evacuation towards the Hexagon, taking into account the severity of patients on the one hand and the state of health in Metropolitan France on the other.

For the authors of this paper, the situation is clearly getting worse.

The stats worried us, and rightly so, with 10 deaths per week the number has now reached 20 on CHUM.

The exit door is for vaccination. The latter is progressing at a steady pace: more than 6 billion doses have been administered against COVID-19 worldwide. An unprecedented figure for a vaccine that, despite much criticism and fear by some, has proven its worth in the face of severe forms of the disease.


Doctor near a patient’s bed in CHUM.


© Christel Civete

The mail ends with a call:

Help us take the pressure off us. Help us take better care of you, COVID patients or not, to better care for the most vulnerable. On the eve of the end of the year, ceremonies that often call for gatherings, respecting barrier gestures, wearing of masks, respecting social distancing and ventilation of the premises. And if you were hesitant and ready to take the plunge, go ahead and get vaccinated! If you’re already vaccinated, skip to the third dose to boost your immunity and combat the very virulent Omicron variant that’s already upon us!

CHUM Communications Department

Since the end of November 2021, the number of hospitalizations at CHUM has increased: 112 people are hospitalized as of Wednesday, December 15, 2021. 37 patients are in critical condition.

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