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The Martin Lewis Money Show Live continued Thursday evening, hosted by Martin and his co-presenter Angelica Bell. During the show, the financial journalist shared a selection of the latest paid news with ITV viewers during his “News-Use-Use” section.

“You can’t buy it anywhere else so I didn’t get any independent assessment of it when it was switched to a bank account.”

The Virgin Wine offer is available to all new Virgin Money Current Account customers.

To get the incentive, they need to apply online and complete a complete switch using the current account switching service.

The rules include rules for setting up this account, downloading and registering mobile applications, and depositing at least £ 1000 into a linked savings account within 31 days of opening the account.

Don’t miss out

Martin explained that this particular current account is currently offering a “good” interest rate – 2.02 percent on a 1000 balance.

He said: “Now this account pays you two percent interest up to 1,000 1,000.

“A good rate – but only a small amount so you don’t have to switch to get it.”

He went on to share details about the wine offer.

Fergus Murphy, Managing Director of Virgin Money Group, says of the offer: “We always want to offer more to our customers and the introduction of Bright Money Bundles is the first step in our journey to reward customers with fantastic benefits from the wider Virgin family.

“With exclusive access to the Virgin family’s excellent banking services as well as the fantastic products and experiences we offer, we can disrupt banking stability and give customers more reason to come to Virgin Money.”

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There is an alternative to alcoholic and non-alcoholic alternatives, which will gradually increase in price to £ 70.

Existing customers are able to access the offer for 180 180 worth of Virgin wines.

The Martin Lewis Money Show continues on Live ITV at 8pm on Tuesday

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