Marseille: New internal investigation targeting Professor Raoult’s IHU

A new internal investigation was requested on Friday by the Assistance Public des Hospitals of Marseille (AP-HM) after new allegations by Medipart targeting the Professor Raoult-led institution under which the research on hydroxychloroquine was conducted. Was.

According to the news site, on Friday, “several members” of the Mediterranean Infection University Hospital Institute, headed by Professor Didier Raoult, condemned the “falsification of scientific results” along with the pressures they had put in to “perform”. “Efficacy of Hydroxychloroquine” against Covid-19.

AP-HM responded in a press release, saying “the reported facts, if proven, would constitute a serious misstatement”, “an internal request to confirm the veracity of the facts reported by the press”. Inquiry Initiative”.

Concretely, Mediapart explains, “more than ten people (biologists, doctors, trainees or assistants)” IHU members in one study allowed biological outcomes to be overstated by biasing the results of PCR tests, allowing hydroxychloroquine to have beneficial effects. condemned the falsification of Comparison of IHU patients receiving treatment and NICE CHU patients not receiving”.

“The results are not going in the direction of + Didier Raoult + the positivity threshold of PCR tests was revised, thus providing a greater number of negative results for patients in Marseille”, explains Mediapart, of these IHU members. During interviews with their respective employers in October, citing testimony, be it the University of Aix-Marseille, AP-HM or even Inserm or the Research Institute for Development (IRD).

In the Mediapart article, all these testimonials are anonymous.

Contacted by AFP, neither IHU nor Professor Raoult wanted to comment on Mediaparte’s statements and the opening of this investigation by AP-HM.

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AP-HM requested an internal investigation within IHU on 22 October, following yet another article from MediaPart, on alleged illegal “diagnostic tests” against tuberculosis by Professor Raoult’s institute since 2017. AP-HM justified this investigation by the “seriousness and possible extent of the facts reported”.

“There was no trial, only therapeutic options by doctors,” Didier Raoult replied on 28 October at C8.

Didier Raoult, who retired as a university professor and hospital practitioner at the end of August, should leave management of IHU at the latest in June. The six founding members of IHU and the president of this institution announced in mid-September the start of recruitment of a new director, who must be appointed no later than June 30.

This recruitment process should be officially validated by the Board of Directors of IHU on Tuesday.

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