Mars will cross Jupiter this weekend: how to observe them?

The morning sky is currently populated by planets in between the stars: at least five aligned. Of them, the two will get closer later this week, until they are almost no longer together. But before this beautiful show, Moon will form a scintillating trio with them on May 25.

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[EN VIDÉO] Partial Solar Eclipse as seen from Mars!
On April 2, the Persistence rover observed an eclipse of the Sun by Phobos, one of Mars’ two moons. This is by far the most detailed description since the Red Planet.

For several weeks you can see the morning in the east, southeast, before sunrise Sunday, 5 planets aligned , saturn, Neptune (It is not visible to distant planeteye naked), Mars, Jupiter and sparkling VenusListed here in order from highest to lowest in the sky. VenusSo who is the last to stand, and the nickname” evening star is the brightest.

The Moon, Jupiter and Mars: A Very Photogenic Synergy

This Wednesday, May 25th after 4:30 am you will be able to watch Moon The crescent (25% of its illuminated disc) is shining below giant jupiter and of march, our neighbor with the legendary red glow. The latter, closer to us than the former (but twice as small as Earth) and much less bright in the sky than Jupiter (10 times larger than our planet). Together with the moon, they form a very beautiful trio hanging over the horizon that many would not fail to capture in the photo.

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Very tight conjunction of Mars and Jupiter on 29th May

These are the same two wandering stars (the Greeks called it planets) that move onrevolution — in present Pisces The terrestrials are getting closer to each other in the sky. Separated by 2.5° on 25 May, they lost their . let’s continue movements Until Mars doubles Jupiter in late May. This Sunday, May 29 (that’s cool!), at dawn, we’ll be able to admire them by just 0.6 degrees apart.

A beautiful, very tight combination that would be possible to see with the naked eye without much difficulty. And in one yantra, Jupiter is the lord of all the planets. Solar system In mythology, Mars would appear much older than his brother. it will do a lot more damage unrest Very lively atmosphere that reigns at this altitude in the sky (between 12 and 19 degrees above the horizon), while it will be possible to discern the most important features on Jupiter (cloud bands, Galilean moons). The two stars will still appear very close together on the morning of May 30 and 31. Then, they would separate, with Mars rising later and Jupiter later. This is the last close encounter between the two planets in the sky for several months.

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