Mars will be brighter in about 20 years

Mars will appear bigger and brighter in the sky in October

Mars will be in close proximity to Earth this month for more than two years as it reaches its opposition level in the night sky.

NASA has effectively described the presence of the red planet as a “full” Mars, giving us the best chance to see our planet’s neighbor in almost 20 years.

On Tuesday, October 13, Mars will be brighter than it was in 2003 and will not look like this until 2035.

Every 26 months Mars reaches the opponents of Mars, which means the Earth passes directly between the Sun and Mars.

The opposition in October will be extra special because the orbits of Earth and Mars are so close to each other.

The astronomical phenomenon will see the rise of Mars as soon as the sun sets and will be set as soon as the sun rises.

Combined with a new moon ‘Supermoon’ in the middle of the month, it will give both casual SkyGazers and seasoned astronomers a rare opportunity to see Mars in its sights.

With the naked eye, Mars will look brighter and more distinct in the night sky, while a telescope will make it easier to create features like polar caps and volcanoes.

The researchers said the discovery could be the key to the search for alien life, as living animals need liquid water to survive.

October is the busiest month of 2020 according to astronomical events near Earth

At the end of the full moon month with the Harvest Moon in early October, Halloween follows the rare blue moon.

The Orionid Meteor Shower is active from October 2 to November 7, and according to NASA it brings with it a “prolonged explosion.”

The summit of the meteor shower is expected to be held on October 21, although there will be several days of strong decorations.

The U.S. space agency says 2020 will see an unusually large peak of reversal – commonly known as a ‘shooting star’ – occurring at up to 20 per hour.

Several apps and websites provide ways to track Sky events, including Sky View and Star Chart.

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