Mars shines near the Pleiades!

Mars, always visible in the evening in the terrestrial sky, visits the magnificent cluster of stars of the Pleiades, one of the jewels of the winter sky these days.

Tonight and until March 9, you can admire the beautiful and sparkling Group of Pleades In the company of Mars. a Combination form, Or the synergy of planets, when we last consider that the red planets and the seven sisters (the name given by the Greeks, in reference to mythology) were so extraordinary, so close, that it was at the end of XXI century.

Of course, this “coming together” is only visible, because the two celestial objects are actually far away from each other. Mars Actually only 12 light minutes is a distant neighbor … so we only see him with a delay of 12 minutes, while M45 (Designation of Pleiades In Messier’s List), it is about four and a half centuries old!

Mars and Pleidae: two very different celestial bodies

Think of them tonight, high in the sky between South and East, on the shoulder of Taurus, that it Numerous D ‘Stars The stars have a periodic nursery (nicknamed “Chick”), all of whom were born more or less at the same time – on a cosmic scale – and at the same time cloud Of The gas And dust (of which there are still some traces visible) a few million years ago. They are like children Sun And they also have Planets around them. Also, in comparison, Mars looks yellow: theStar Is actually twice as small as Earth …, that’s to say how ridiculous it would be next to some of these stellar monsters. Mars is small, yes, but attractive!

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Aldebaran does not shine, far from the Mars-Pleiades meetingThe eye Angry red of Taurus. This double variable star is almost the same Quantity That Mars is currently red. You can almost confuse them, but Mars does not shine as opposed to “glow” – “rival of Mars” is a translation of the name of the red star. Antares – which illuminates the cluster Hayades (From the Pleiades sisters), whose “V” figure pulls Taurus’ head into the sky.

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