Marrakech-Menara Airport voted 7th best airport in the world in 2021

“As the gateway to one of the most popular tourist destinations in North Africa, Marrakech International Airport is a worthy introduction to Morocco”, underlines Condé Nast Traveler in its “Reader’s Choice Awards” column.

“By the time you land, you know you’ve been taken to North Africa. The airport is a direct reflection of the culture,” the magazine says, with passengers raving about “its stunning design.”

The airport received a score of 78.91/100 in American magazine’s poll of 800,000 readers, based on their experiences traveling through this airport platform, which covers an area of ​​22 hectares, with an area of ​​9 million. There are three terminals with annual capacity. passengers.

Singapore Changi Airport was voted the best airport in the world, followed by Istanbul Airport (2ᵉ), Narita Airport (3ᵉ, Japan), Incheon International Airport (4ᵉ, South Korea), Hamad (5ᵉ, Qatar) and Dubai (6ᵉ, United) is the location. Arab Emirates) airports, the same source said. Athens International Airport (Greece) took 8th place, followed by the airports of Zurich (Switzerland) and London (United Kingdom).

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