Maroc-Actu.-Unity demonstrates the visual potential of its engine and RT3D technology in the creation of digital humans.

Marrakesh, March 21 (Marrow-Actu) –

Unity showed everyone visual capability of its engine And especially with “The Enemy” its real-time 3D (RT3D) technology, an internal project that shows the evolution of human entertainment to reach a higher level of realism.

Enemy” is a demo team project, a two-minute cinematic trailer that shows a circular room decorated with detail, a mechanical platform that activates and lowers the most central stage, where access to information on environmental conditions is possible. , A woman is sitting at a table with a checkerboard.

The video is precisely focused on the woman, created with RT3D technology, and which enhances the work done in “The Heretic,” a nearly eight-minute 2020 short film made by the same team as The site explains. Unity website. The improvements are mainly at the level of In skin, hair and fur, eyes and shadow.

realism and detail The woman with which she is depicted is the result of the latest enhancements to its High Definition Root Canal Processing (HDRP), Probe’s new high-end adaptive volume illumination system, a new hair highlighting solution and an advanced human digital toolkit.

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