Mark Rutte could have formed a new alliance by summer

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s party, ready for the start of the fourth term, was expected to form new alliances in the summer, following a landslide victory in parliamentary elections.

In power since 2010, which makes him one of the longest-serving European leaders, Mr Rutte and his liberal VVD party are preparing to begin negotiations with other parties to form the new government.

The VVD won 35 out of 35 seats in the lower house of parliament, most of which were two more than before after counting ballots.

The other winner is D66, a pro-European leftist party led by Foreign Trade and Cooperation Minister Sigrid Kag, which won 23 seats (+4).

Thus the Progressivist becomes the second party, which opposed the formation of anti-Islam deputy Geert Wilders, to come third with 17 seats.

For his part, populist Thierry Bowdett has done good business after leading a campaign against anti-coronavirus restrictions. There are now 8 seats in the Forum for Democracy compared to before.

Speaker of the lower house Khadija Areeb called the heads of the list on Thursday afternoon to discuss how the talks would unfold to form a new coalition, according to Dutch media.

VVD member Animari Joeritsma assured public television station NOS that the new coalition should be formed “before summer”, although warned that formal talks to begin on Monday would be “complicated”.

– With progress –

After the last assembly elections in 2017, the talk of making one lasted for seven months.

Rutte said Wednesday evening that it was “clear” that these talks would be held with whatever results the D66 would give, and that Finance Minister Wopke Hoekstra’s CDA (Christian Democrat) would like to continue working with the 15 Has declined. Seats.

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Both sides were already part of a previous coalition forced to resign in January, as thousands of parents were accused of fraud in family allowances. However, the government remained to run its day-to-day business.

Mr Rutte, who has already refused to work with Gert Wilders or Thierry Bowdett, welcomed “a huge vote of confidence” on Wednesday evening after a three-day legislative election over a health crisis.

He said that the important question in these elections was how to rebuild the country after the epidemic.

“They should have handled the situation better with Kovid. But I think once everyone is vaccinated, reviving the economy can be very important to me”, Luke, a gas station employee in The Hague D lined the brewer.

One teacher, Cornie Metzler, said Rutte was “amazing”. “She is doing an outstanding job for our country. And with D.66, along with Ms. Kag, I think they would make a very good match,” she told AFP.

– “Energy for ten years” –

Named Prime Minister “Teflon” for his ability to overcome political crises, Mr. Rutte would become the longest-surviving prime minister in Dutch history if he held power until the end of 2022.

But forming a new coalition can prove complicated as the VVD, D66 and CDA will run from two seats to reach a majority of 76 seats in the lower house, which means they will have to find at least one other partner in one. Political scenario.

It seems that the lower house will now be made up of the records of 17 parties, equivalent to 1918.

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According to local media, the coalition may turn to the left, as the smallest party in the current coalition, center-right formation Kristen Uni, may no longer be suitable for D66, which seeks a “more progressive and greener society” is. .

But the election night of the traditional left parties has been very bad. The Labor Party is stuck on 9 seats, while environmentalists from Groinlink have seen a steep decline and fall in 8 seats.

The atmosphere on the D66 was very festive. Ms. Kag was seen standing and dancing on a table Wednesday night in a photo posted on Twitter.

“What a wonderful evening,” she tweeted, stating that it was time to “get down to business”, as she says “the future waits.”

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