Mark Loram: A Special Speedway World Champion / Speedway World Championship

Mark Lorum was born 50 years ago in Malta and celebrated his birthday on 10 January. At the turn of the millennium, he became the World Speedway Champion without winning a single Grand Prix.

Mark Lorum’s active career, which began in Britain in 1987, lasted two decades. At the age of 16, Lorum worked for the Hackney team and began her career as a teenager after winning a junior title at the grass track in 1981.

After his first few years in the National League in Great Britain, Lorum actually took off to start flying in the early 1990s and participated in league races not only in Great Britain but also in Sweden and Poland. In Germany, Lorum, who also competed in South Africa in 1991, was primarily seen on the long track. In 1990, the Englishman made his World Cup final debut in Hexheim and since 1994 he was a total of five World Cup finalists. He achieved his best result in Pfarrkirchen in 1992 with fifth place.

In 1994 Lorum competed in the final one-day final at Wozens on the speedway track and finished eighth in his first World Cup final with nine points.

In the newly launched Grand Prix, Lorum was also involved since 1995 and was able to land in the top ten in the first few years of its existence.

While Lorum celebrated his only Grand Prix wins in Denmark and Sweden in 1997 and 1999, he was a huge success in 2000. After completing six Grand Prix, Mark Loram was the World Speedway champion without winning a race that year. But, unlike his rivals Billy Hamill, Tony Rickerson and Jason Crump, he finished all races in the top eight and even made the finals three times, with Lorum finishing first at the end of the season.

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The following years Lorum did not fall into the medal category and won the last time in the 2004 Grand Prix.

In 2007, Lorum, who was a three-time British Speedway champion and two-time long course champion, was seriously injured in an Elite League match for the Ipswich Witches and was later unable to return to the bike. In 2009, the now 50-year-old announced his retirement from the sport and in 2011, bid farewell to the track sports stage in his farewell race.

Wanted Poster Mark Loram

Vorname: Mark Roisten Gregory
Last Name: Loram
Nationality: Great Britain
Date of Birth: 10 January 1971 in Mufta, Malta
Marital Status: Married

Greatest successes:

Speedway World Champion 2000
British Speedway Champion: 1997,1999, 2001
British Long-Course Champion: 1991, 1993

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