Mariupol officials claim that more than 2,100 residents were killed in Russian shelling.

Marrakesh, 13 March. (Moroccan-news) –

The city council of the Ukrainian city of Mariupol said on Sunday that more than 2,100 residents had already been killed in shelling by Russian forces and pro-Moscow Donetsk militias.

“Each bombing brings terrible destruction and takes away the most important thing that exists – the lives of the peaceful inhabitants of Mariupol. To date, 2,187 residents of Mariupol have been killed by Russian attacks. An eternal memory for them,” said his Telegram channel. But the town hall said, as reported by the union.

City officials also said that Mariupol had been the target of at least 22 bombings in the past 24 hours and more than 100 in total since the siege began.

According to NGOs, the city council accused Russian forces of “completely” destroying children’s hospitals and infrastructure in the city, where 400,000 people live in dire conditions.

Attempts to open a resolute humanitarian corridor in Mariupol, on the eastern front of the Ukrainian conflict, have gone unheard of, with Russia and Ukraine accusing each other of not honoring sporadic ceasefire declarations to allow evacuation .

The Ukrainian government awaits confirmation that a humanitarian convoy will arrive in the city with essential supplies for the population later today.

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky said this morning that according to his latest information, the convoy was about two hours from the city and diplomatic efforts were already underway for the entry of cargo.

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