Mario Party Superstars told not to use palm technology

In the upcoming Mario Party Superstars game, five sets of the franchise’s former N64-era titles have been revamped with 100 mini-games. In short, one of the best. If you’ve played a retro production before, you’ve probably used the palm technique to spin the stick quickly. A tip that wasn’t without damage to the hand, even though we’re obviously talking about redness and discomfort, not actual injuries.

However, the method went so far as to prompt Nintendo to give away the gloves to players on American soil for free. Today, that type of mechanics has faded from Mario Party at least, to Mario Party Superstars and their mini-games of the past. as it turns out TwitterAt least one mini-game will require moving the joystick at high speed, so it is recommended to avoid the forbidden practice :

“To avoid irritation to your skin and/or damage to your analog stick, do not move it with the palm of your hand.”

We believe, that being the way to victory, many people will do it anyway. But given that the Nintendo Switch Sticks are more efficient and comfortable than the Nintendo 64, we imagine that sore, red hand is a thing of the past.

Mario Party Superstar
Mario Party SuperstarMario Party Superstar

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