Mario Party beat the Guardians

Who says the new week calls for a facelift in the rearview mirror of video game sales in France. NS Sell (Syndicate of Leisure Software Publishers) unveiled top 5 the best artists This year in the French issue of sale for week 43 of 2021.


mario in the lead

this is Mario Party Superstar Which leads the dance to the top of this weekly ranking. This new party-game for the Nintendo Switch is a compilation of the best elements from the franchise’s first episode mario party. Thus we have brought to date over a hundred classic mini-games, along with several sets of Nintendo 64 Ops.

always faithful to the position, fifa 22 Ranks second in its PlayStation 4 version. Round Ball Simulator is making the day of its publisher, Electronic Arts. But it may well be that in the future, this indestructible chestnut radically changes its name and abandons FIFA’s image and brand, with the organization eager to explore new options with other publishers. Looks like more…

another kind of protector

No round cage to protect this weekly arrival: Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, Studio Eidos Montreal’s new blockbuster, fell to third place. Here in its next-people version on PlayStation 5, this new action-adventure game features the strange team of space mercenaries already well known to fans of the Marvel universe. Publisher Square Enix Is Betting Too High on This New Marvel Licensed Title After a Failed Experience avengers From Crystal Dynamics over a year ago.

We were almost scared not to see her again this week: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Always answers calls, this time in fourth place. Nintendo Switch Episodes is not only the best-selling game on the console, but also in the karting franchise, having sold over 38 million copies worldwide.

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Finally, this is another Nintendo Switch game that kicks off the top march. FIFA 22 – Essential Edition, the new version of the Electronic Arts game — or rather, an update of Jersey and Workforce — comes in fifth.

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