Mario Dufour is sure the town hall of the Septals needs to be saved

Mario Dufour regretted the council’s decision not to make the town hall study public

Septilian Mario Dufour will continue the campaign to save the town hall on the Rue de Quain. He is waiting to hear details of the status of elected municipal officials this evening, before deciding whether he will campaign for a referendum on future debt by-laws associated with the new construction.

Recall that Mayor Regian Porrellier announced the intention of elected officials to announce steps for the construction of a new town hall for the expansion of the Emergency of the Regional Hospital and to sell the CISSS from Rue De Quen.

Set in the sept-els since the 1960s, Mario Dufour believes that he should make the population aware of the architectural value of the town hall. He particularly regrets the council’s decision not to make the commission study public from experts. The CISSS Cote-Nord’s proposal to convert the site to parking also does not represent a savings for taxpayers, according to Mr Dufour, the council notes that the population places the population in front of a fati.

Civilian technicians visited the place before the end of the referendum process.

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