Marine Le Pen celebrates French model

Emmanuel Macron did everything in his power to plan the second round against Marine Le Pen. He better be careful. Le Pen is in grave danger of recapturing the neglected electorate of the traditional left, who could cast the final vote in his favor on April 24.

Its economic program reads like a tribute to the welfare state and the French social model. He supported trade union protests against pension system reform in 2019, then, last year, against the weakening of unemployment protections, described President Macron’s policy “Shameful, financially stupid, inhuman and unjust”.

His plan is a mix of large Keynesian investments and redistribution to the working classes and young families, people who faced the erosion of their real living standards long before commodity inflation took off. hit face to face. He combined a left-wing economy with a nationalism that advocates respect for law and order to create a formidable political concoction.

The stakes of social populism

“She is a left-wing woman. All his reflexes are on the left”. His rival, Eric Zemour, who, meanwhile, put forward a radically different form of populist capitalism, denounced the oppressive tyranny of the French tax system. To put them in the same bag was to misunderstand the political topography of France.

Le Pen’s plan envisions income tax exemptions for those under the age of 30, low-interest loans of up to €100,000 for couples starting a family, and debt cancellation when they have three children. It proposes free public transport for young workers and a tax exemption for overtime for the proletariat. She wants to keep my retirement age at 60

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Daily Telegraph (London)

Atlanticist and anti-European in substance, militant and committed in form, it is the leading conservative newspaper of reference. Founded in 1855, it is the last of the quality dailies that has not abandoned the large format.

Its agenda is very popular, especially because of the court circular which presents the activities of the royal family every day. Another much-anticipated date is the ever-stylish and funny little cartoon of Matt on the front page. As of early 2004 by media magnate Conrad Black, the title is now owned by billionaire brothers David and Frederick Barkley.

It is the first British daily to have opened a site in 1994 which, by general opinion, is one of the most complete in the Anglo-Saxon world. Very interactive, it puts all of the daily’s content online and, at the end of each article, it provides references to other links.

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