Marine Le Pen. a call to unite on the right

In the announcement, on Sunday evening, in the first projections of the results of the first round of the presidential election in France, which put incumbent President Emmanuel Macron in first place, followed by Marine Le Pen, almost all other candidates did not have the favor of the electorate. In the second round to be held on April 24, he was instructed to vote in favor of Mr. Macron.

According to first estimates published shortly after polling stations closed, the incumbent president finished in the first round with 28.5% of the vote, while the national rally candidate came in second with 24.2% of the vote.

In fact, all candidates who failed to pass the second round, except polemist Eric Zemour, instructed their supporters not to vote for Le Pen.

Speaking from his headquarters, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, the leader of France Insoumes, who according to polls, finished third with just over 21% of the vote, called for no vote to go to Madame Le Pen. Referring to a possible victory for the far-right representative in the second round, he urged his party workers not to commit a mistake that would be “definitely irreparable”.

Republican (LR) Representative Valerie Pecres, who secured 5.1% of the vote, finished fifth, said for her part that she would vote for the incumbent president against Marine Le Pen.

“I will vote in Emmanuel Macron’s conscience for Marine Le Pen to come to power and stop the chaos that will result,” she said.

“I do not have the votes cast in my name. But I ask the voters who have asked me to weigh seriously in the days ahead with their confidence in the potentially disastrous consequences of any choice different from mine for our country and future generations, which They will consider for a second turn,” said candidate LR.

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The same support was shown by environmental candidate Yannick Jadot, who came sixth with 4.4% of the vote, who called on his supporters to vote for Emmanuel Macron to “block the far right”.

For his part, the Communist candidate, Fabian Russell, who collected 2.4% of the vote to finish 8th in the first round, called on Emmanuel Macron to vote in the second round, in order to block the far right. , however without mentioning the name of the outgoing Chairman.

“Next Sunday, I will choose responsibility, I will never allow the racist and xenophobic project to gain responsibility in France. I make this choice and I know it is becoming harder to say,” he previously said soon after the projections were announced.

Along the same lines, Socialist candidate Anne Hidalgo, who came 9th with 1.9% of the vote, clearly showed her support for Mr Macron, urging Socialist Party workers to vote “against the far right”.

“So that France does not fall into hatred of all, I call on you to vote seriously on April 24 to vote against the extreme authority of Marine Le Pen using Emmanuel Macron’s ballot”, a- he said in his Headquarters told from the campaign.

As the first projections were announced, other French political figures also showed their support for the incumbent president against the far-right representative.

When Eric Zemor said that even though he did not share Mrs. Le Pen’s views, he invited his supporters to vote for him. Nearly 49 million French people were called to vote on Sunday to choose their president in an election among twelve candidates.

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It is the twelfth presidential election of the Fifth Republic and the eleventh by direct universal suffrage.


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