March of ‘undefined’ origin for a new vote count

On his bamboo bike, Yaku Perez led the natives marching towards Quito to demand a new count of their votes in the first round of elections, assuring that he would open the doors of the presidency to them .

“We will not allow electoral fraud!” The war cry of his supporters infuses energy into environmental advocates in a red poncho, the first Native American to reach it in a presidential election in Ecuador.

The natives left six days before the south of the country condemn the fact that their historic route was seized from them in the second round. His candidate joined him the next day and they were about 500 Mondays, some in vehicles, others on foot.

This “march for peace in democracy”, was a final phase before passing through Salto, before arriving in Quito on Tuesday, where those who consider themselves “undefeated”, their acquired strength in elections after decades of elections Let’s hope to be a Legion to perform. Street protests.

Yaku Perez, 51, was declared in third place with 19.39% of the vote in the first round on 7 February. However, at one point ahead of 65-year-old Guillermo Lasso in a partial count, the ex-right-wing banker eventually passed him with 19.74% of the vote.

This margin of barely 32,600 votes will allow conservatives to play in the second round against 36-year-old Socialist Andrés Arrouz, the former President Rafael Correa, with 36.72%.

– Steal hope and dream –

Pachakutik Party candidates, the political arm of the Swadeshi movement, Yaku Perez do not accept defeat. Sitting on his bicycle worn during the election campaign, he paused to thank his supporters, who “the people’s vote should be respected!”

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“We will not surrender”, warning Luz Narisela, a Kichhwa native of Sarguro, a village in Sergão, on the border with Peru

In a festive atmosphere, marchers support Yaku Perez’s demand for a new vote count in 17 of the 24 provinces in this country, where Amerindians represent 7% of the 17.4 million inhabitants.

The possibility of an appeal was opened by the National Election Council (CNE) after it was announced on Sunday night, excluding the final results from the second round on April 11.

He told AFP, “It is not just a theft that is targeting Yaku Perez. It is a flight of dreams not only of the Swadeshi movement but of environmentalists, workers, popular regions.”

From the thousand-year-old Kaneri people who live in the southern Andean region of the country, this conservationist claims that “over half a million votes” were stolen from them during the count.

“Fraud occurs in two ways: during counting and shuffling of ballots, and under the electoral computer system (…), which can be manipulated to transfer votes from one candidate to another,” He assured.

The public control unit, as well as the government attorney’s office, requested a review of CNE’s computer system.

– “Untamed People” –

“With cheating, we have (about) 20%. Without cheating, we would have exceeded 25% and the victory was almost achieved in the second round”, ex-province (governor) of the province of Azuay (South) ) Says Yaku Perez. ) is.

In the wake of 11 April, he promised a great coalition to stop the current situation of former President Rafael Correa (2007–2017) to recover power through his dolphin.

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Yaku Perez attracts his followers like a magnet. They crowd around their car before getting out on their bikes.

“No fraud, transparency yes!” Nara makes him smile. And if due to the Kovid-19 epidemic, he does not remove his mask and shakes his fist with his hands, he does not embrace.

“We are indestructible, we are an indomitable people,” he says.

In October 2019, the original inhabitants launched a popular uprising, resulting in 11 casualties and over 1,300 injuries. He was also involved in the uprising between 1997 and 2005 overthrowing three presidents.

“The history of the movement was in 10 deputies, today it is 27” Out of 137, welcome Yaku Perez in any case, claiming the peaceful nature of the current mobilization.

Pachakutik’s candidate says, “It was not easy to get these votes, but it would not be easy to steal.”

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