Many people are still delaying their screening in Yon

A report published in 2019 by Public Health France reported that Yon and Nievre had higher cancer-related mortality than the national level. The use of this excess mortality is explained by consumption habits, by difficulties in its care, but also by late diagnosis. Organized screening is therefore a defining element for the early diagnosis of three cancers: colorectal cancer and breast cancer every two years for people between the ages of 50 and 74, and cervical cancer for women aged 25 years. Age 65, every three years.

A first step

We have a problem with medical demographics at yon“Says Dr. Stephen Carnelis, Head of the Regional Cancer Screening Coordination Center in St. Georges-sur-Batches.” And in these situations, the screening conducted allows men and women, thanks to invitations sent to them, to be able to take the first screening process“.

A participation rate at the national average level

The participation rate for these trials is consistently above or on the national average, around 54% for breast cancer screening and about 30% for colorectal cancer.

Screening should not be delayed (Doctor Stephen Cornelis)

“It’s good but it’s not enough” Dr. Cornelis’s comment “Unfortunately many people think that when they get our invitation that it is not their priority, because they are between 50 and 60 years old and feel good. Despite our reminder letters, there are those who do not feel anxious and who wait to worry about symptoms first. This is not the right strategy when it comes to cancer. “

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Kovid slows down screening

In 2020, organized screening suffered from the first imprisonment. The Regional Center for the Coordination of Cancer Screening at Bourgogne-Franche-ComtĂ© was forced to stop sending invitations for a month. “People have become reluctant to go to a radiologist, gastroenterologist or general practitioner” Regrets Stephen Cornelis, “We should tell them they should not delay their screening. All of this is done so that ‘maximum safety is done.” “

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