Manchester United West Brom – New Front could bring three against Tyrone Marshall

Mason Greenwood, Marcus Rashford and Anthony Marshall started Manchester United’s final 11 games last season when they saw the club attack almost year after year.

The club’s top priority in the summer transfer window with Jaden Sancho was enough to like the way Ole Gunnar had to move forward next to Solskire.

Alas, that tension is too late. Sancho hasn’t signed and these first three great performers since the resumption of the June season were barely featured together this season and everyone has had trouble fighting.

Marshall was sent off against Tottenham and was banned for three games, Greenwood was disrespectful of his responsibilities to England and the position was not his best when forced by a relentless striker from Rashford (who has played 25 of United’s 226 games since June 19). . The latest England squad with a shoulder injury.

The trio have scored 14 goals in 11 games since the trio started together last season, but this season they have only started together twice after Brighton’s win in the Premier League and then for just 28 minutes against Tottenham before dismissing Marshall. .

The trio have not scored in any of these games, but there are 11 of them again this season, with Rashford claiming seven of them. Even against the Arab Leipzig once again the three had the same score in the same scoresheet, when Rashford came on the bench to score a hat-trick of wins 5-0.

But with Greenwood out of the squad at the moment and Rashford battling an injury, the wait to reunite in their attack could escalate further this weekend.

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This is not ideal for Soulskier, who has limited his options to a limited three after United failed to land at Sancho this summer. Daniel James has continued to fight for form and Juan Mata has struggled to maintain these levels against Istanbul Basaksehir and Everton with brilliance at the start of the season.

So it could be that Shoalskaz will have to field three new fronts again after a tour of West Brom Old Trafford on Saturday night, and United may seem to have new leadership in the attack.

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Edinson Cavani scored the club’s first goal before winning the international at Everton and maintained the form with his 511st goal for Uruguay on Friday, their 3-0 win over Colombia. The 33-year-old played 78 minutes in the game, another important exercise for him to reach full match fitness, as he will face Brazil on Tuesday night to top it off.

If either Rashford or Greenwood miss United on Saturday, Cavani will be the man to come. His goal-scoring record is the highest and the concern of many fans when he signed on the scheduled date has diminished his contribution so far off the bench. .

He played just eight minutes at Goodison Park but he took his goal well and looked even stronger with his five cameos off the bench.

United entered the international break by winning their most important match of the season at Everton on Saturday.

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Bruno Fernandez’s double and Edinson Cavani’s first goal for United came from behind to beat the Toffies.

United have a two-week break as many of their stars begin their journey on international duty – we’ll see how they perform and prepare for their next Premier League match against West Brom.

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Cavani can often be used as an effect sub at United in his time, but he is a high-level back-up at Old Trafford and that means the game starts when the first three breaks are needed or not available.

Although Uruguay are unlikely to play anywhere, center-forward, United’s other attackers are versatile. All of Rashford, Greenwood and Marshall could lead the line but all could descend from the flanks.

If Cavani starts against the Bugs, Marshall will look to return to the left-wing role of the front three, ideally, with one from Rashford or Greenwood on the right.

Soulskier doesn’t have the options he wants to attack right now, but Cavani’s appetite for a new challenge was the main reason United promised to sign him late in the summer window and the time is coming to give him his first start in the Premier League.

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