Manchester United star Fred explains how ‘great’ Edinson Cavani and Alex Tales will help the Red Devils compete for the trophy

Manchester United fans will see new signings this weekend that Edinson Cavani and Alex Tales could reprimand their Premier League.

But it’s not just fans who can’t wait to see what the two signatories can do on the day of the transfer deadline for this club.

Cavani’s last club was Paris Saint-Germain and Talis signed from Porto

Midfielder Fred is very excited about Cavani and Teles before United clash at Chelsea’s home at 7.30pm on Saturday evening, you can listen to the match live on TalkSport.

The Brazilians have said the club’s acquisitions could help the trophies target Man United this season.

About Cavani and Tellis, Fred exclusively told TalkSport: “They are two great players and it is important for us to have a strong squad.

“They are going to be very important for the team. We’ve got Luke Shaw, we’ll get Alex, we’ve got Cavani who can help in the front and coming here I’m sure they’ll add a lot to the team.

Fred believes Telis and Cavani are settling well at United

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Fred believes Telis and Cavani are settling well at United

“It’s really positive and they will be very happy to be here at Manchester United. The team is getting stronger and we have a great season and winning the trophy is important.

Fred emphasized the importance of having a strong squad with the squads and fixtures coming thick and fast during the season.

United have improved since their 1-1 draw at Tottenham earlier this month, with news of the dressing room falling surfacing following the defeat.

He insisted that the dressing room should be harmonious but that perhaps the team could do better to transfer the goodwill to the pitch as well.

He added: “The whole dressing room – we have this good partnership and I think it’s important for us to move this good partnership off the pitch. This is very important for us. ”

You can listen to the live and exclusive talk of Manchester United vs Chelsea on Saturday, October 24 at 5:30 pm on TalkSPRT

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