Man wants to start a new home after his wife dies of cancer UK News

The man who lost his wife to cancer won a বাড়ি 1 million home after donating 10 10 to the charity lottery.

Ian Garrick (5rick), a resident of Mabilthorpe, Lincolnshire, tried to start anew after his wife Julie died of breast cancer about five years ago.

The government employee entered a contest that was sponsored by the Adolescent Cancer Trust, but then “think of it no more”.

“When I entered the draw my dream was to move away from here to start anew and it happened,” he said.

“I still can’t get my head around.

“It’s a new beginning for me, a new beginning for my boys, to start again, leaving behind some bad memories.”

Mr Garik’s new home is in Chadel Halme, Greater Manchester.

The property is 3,000 square feet and includes four bedrooms, four bathrooms, spacious living space, a large kitchen, home office, landscape garden and hot tub.

Mr Garrick said he needed to make a fresh start after his wife died of cancer

It’s a shout from Mr. Garik’s current home, which he described as “reading around us.”

Mr Garik said: “I’m not saying that money is the cure for all problems, but it will make life’s challenges positive.

“Everyone is on the moon for me, the message has come from my close friends and colleagues that ‘this can’t happen to any good people’.

“I feel quite tired about these, I have the full support of any cancer charity.”

Mr Garrick said life had been difficult for him and his three sons – 30-year-old James, 22-year-old Pen and 19-year-old Nathan – for the past five years.

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“We just tried to hold on to each other,” he said.

“If I had been truthful, we would have had some sort of encouragement to continue.

“This is exactly what we need, a new home, a new experience and a new train of thought for all of us.”

The competition is run by U.S. fundraiser Omez and aims to raise 1 1 million for the Adolescent Cancer Trust over the next three years.

There are more million pound house draws in December

James Oakes, senior vice president of Omaj in the UK, said: “We are delighted that Ian has made a charitable contribution to his cause and can now enjoy this life-changing reward during Christmas.”

Kate Collins, chief executive of the Adolescent Cancer Trust, said the epidemic had reduced the charity’s revenue by a third and about m 1 million a year.

“The funds raised will help ensure that our nurses and youth workers provide exceptional care to young people with cancer when we need them most,” he said.

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