Man uses AirTag and PowerPoint to show airline where his luggage is

The whole story is ridiculous, but it’s everyday life around the world. Someone is traveling, their luggage is lost and days go by without the airline doing its job properly. A passenger denounced during a PowerPoint presentation with the location of his lost luggage, which was tracked using Apple AirTag.

In the presentation, the man details how far his bags have come and describes the process on Twitter.

AirTag helps you find suitcases…

Elliot Sharrod and his wife Helen were returning to Britain after getting married in South Africa on April 17. At first, the couple bought tickets with stopovers in Abu Dhabi and Frankfurt, but then had to book a flight on a different route due to the pandemic. They managed to get back to the UK, but their luggage was not there.

Although Apple’s Airtags have a slightly bad rap, these devices are actually pretty cool and work as expected. So much so that Sharrod placed an airtag inside each bag so he could track them on a map. Using the Find My app, the couple found that their luggage had gone to the first stop in Frankfurt, but had never been put on a plane bound for London.

Aer Lingus, the airline responsible for the flight, said the bags would be delivered to Sharrod’s address. The next night, only two of the three bags were delivered.

After several calls and emails to Aer Lingus to no avail, Sharrod complained on Twitter, but that too was not enough. That’s when Sharrod took a different approach: He posted videos and even made a PowerPoint presentation with screenshots from the Find My app showing where his lost suitcase was.

The story went viral and even CNN picked up the story. Elliot told the TV station that the luggage was at two different locations in Pimlico and had not been there since April 21. However, the airline could not find it, so Sharrod contacted the police, as he now believes the suitcase was stolen.

This is a case that shows the importance and usefulness of airtags. Certainly, more frequent use of this tool would force companies to do their jobs properly, or risk being exposed to their incompetence, which would certainly lead to legal action.

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