Man charged with attempted murder after a baby girl was seriously injured in Blackpool UK News

A child teenager in Blackpool has been charged with attempted murder after being seriously injured.

The four-month-old baby was taken to Blackpool Victoria Hospital after being found from a property on Unslow Road in Latton after 6pm on Thursday.

Police said Older Hey is in critical condition after being transferred to Children’s Hospital.

Jordan Lee, 26, of Onslow Road, Blackpool, was initially arrested on suspicion of GBH.

After consulting with the Crown Prosecution Service, Lee was charged with attempted murder and was arraigned in Preston Magistrates’ Court on Saturday.

He has been sent to custody.

Eric Halford, chief detective of Blackpool Police, said: “First of all, my thoughts are with the baby girl loved one at this incredibly difficult time.

“He is in critical condition at the hospital and his family is being supported by specially trained officers.

“Even if a person is charged, our investigation is very ongoing and I would ask anyone with information or anything I saw or heard in the vicinity at that time to contact the police.”

Anyone with information, including 1135 quotes from 335 by 2020, should call 101.

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