“Man can transmit coronavirus to cats” / Study: “Cases in the UK”

Humans can transmit coronaviruses cat’sThe Answer will seem positive. It was a British study to provide, published in the last few hours in the journal “Veterinary Record”, in which they were documented Two cases of domestic celine samples are affected by SARAS-COV-2., Contracted in a domestic environment, with suspected episodes of Kovid-19. “These results suggest that human-to-cat transmission of SARS-CoV-2 occurred during an epidemic in Britain”Said, Margaret Hosey, the lead author of the MRC-University of Glasgow Center for Virus Research.

In particular, the expert pointed out that “Infected cats show mild or severe respiratory diseases. Given the ability of pandemic coronaviruses to infect pets, It will be important to monitor the transmission of Sars-CoV-2 Man to cat, cat to cat, and cat to man ”.

What should the communication media do for CAT?

News of coronovirus transmission from man to cat comes a year after that First positive kovid cat, Dating back to March 29, 2020. The news then came from Belgium, where the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Liege had recorded a coronavirus infection in a choline. Even in that case, however, the transition must have occurred from man to animal. “Tests showed that the cat of a person infected with Kovid-19 was infected by its owner and therefore developed symptoms and confirmed an infection”, Explained at the time to virologist Emanuel André, an inter-federal spokesman for the fight against coronovirus in Belgium. The expert actually specified that it was a type of transmission from man to animal and not vice versa, as many mistakenly believed. Today’s confirmation does nothing but inspire humans Increase the level of the guard against the invisible enemyFirst, for his own health, but also for his four-legged friends.

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