Mammals did not dominate because of brain size

After the extinction of the dinosaurs, mammals noticed that their bodies grew faster than their skulls.

Dinosaurs dominated the world because of their disproportionate size and when they disappeared, mammals replaced them at the height of the living. Was it because of his intelligence? This idea, supposedly scheming, has long dominated, but it is increasingly being questioned. An international team has thus far shown that the first mammals to impose themselves after the fall of the dinosaurs were not necessarily as clever as one might imagine (ScienceMarch 31, 2022).

66 million years ago, the planet experienced one of the worst episodes of species extinction in its history. After the fall of the meteorite, non-avian dinosaurs disappeared, as did more than 70% of living beings. Before this cataclysm, mammals had lived for millions of years in very hostile environments at the mercy of super-predators, a very difficult context that favored smaller animals. “Some mammals still eat dinosaurs, Shadow Ornella Bertrand…

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