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The British government has begun notifying migrants arriving illegally on its soil that they will be deported to Rwanda and is planning a first flight on June 14, despite the risk of an appeal, the Interior Ministry announced on Tuesday.

As soon as this highly controversial plan was announced in mid-April, Prime Minister Boris Johnson – expected in Kigali in late June for the Commonwealth summit – had anticipated legal action from human rights groups.
The UK Home Secretary said: “While we know that efforts will be made to sabotage the process and delay evictions, I will not be disappointed and remain fully committed to implementing the expectations of the British public.” Priti Patel.

They welcomed a “new step” towards the implementation of the partnership with Rwanda as part of the government’s strategy to “break the broken asylum system and smugglers’ bad business model”. The statement said people deported to Rwanda would be able to “rebuild their lives there with full security”.

sharp criticism

The deal, which allows the UK to send migrants and asylum seekers to Rwanda, aimed at curbing increasing illegal channel crossings, has drawn sharp criticism from human rights groups, opposition in both countries and even the United Nations.

Under this agreement, London will initially finance the device for 120 million pounds (141 million euros). The Rwanda government has made it clear that it will offer migrants the possibility to “settle permanently in Rwanda if they so desire”.

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