Mali in crisis with France “leaves nothing” in his relationship with Paris (head of diplomacy)

#Gardner Malian Foreign Minister Abdoulaye Diop said on Friday that his country in crisis with France “doesn’t exclude anything” in its relations with Paris, while a French military departure request was not “on the table at the moment”.

,The gardener does not exclude anything with respect to these questions either if it does not take into account our interests.,, Mr Diop said in response to remarks from his French counterpart Jean-Yves Le Drian to Radio France Internationale. He a. observed ,The breakdown of the political structure and the military structure,suffered a quick deterioration in reports and requests by Bamako for the withdrawal of Danish special forces.

Mali is ready, if necessary, to condemn the defense agreement concluded with France, the amendment of which it recently requested in Paris, because ,Some provisions are contrary to the constitution and sovereignty of Mali.,Deep said.

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,We look forward to a quick response from Paris. In the absence of response, ensure (assurance) that the gardener will accept, (will take responsibility), he said.

To ask for the departure of French troops as the junta did with the Danish special forces, ,This question is not on the table at this time,They said.

However, ,We won’t hesitate to take responsibility if attendance at a certain time is deemed contrary to the gardener’s interests, but we’re not there yet,They said.

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