Mali: France rejects Minusma report

France has rejected the results of an investigation by the Human Rights Directorate of Minusma, a UN mission in Mali, accusing the Barkhana force of killing 19 civilians in the country.

The Chief of Staff of the French armies, General Fran├žois Lecointer, described in a UN report as an “attack on the French army”, in which he was accused of killing civilians invited to a wedding in Mali.

“Very clearly, it was an attack against the French military, against Operation Barkhane, against the legitimacy of our commitments,” he said in an interview with the French daily Le Figaro on Saturday.

For France, these people were jihadists, and say that they were not married. This group of people was designated by the French intelligence services in Mali by a rally of jihadists.

And had announced that the intervention of a patrol of French aircraft had “neutralized” about thirty jihadists with three bombs.

The Minusma investigation, for its part, concluded that airstrikes by the French military had not only targeted the jihadists but also civilians gathered for a wedding near the Bounty.

For General Lecointer, Minusma’s Human Rights Directorate report contains “errors” and condemns “manipulation”.

The Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces said, “I think from now on we will have to face such an effort systematically, to disrupt us, defame us, invalidate our action, increase the population against our action Is for.”

France has previously been targeted with allegations of burial in the context of the Barkhane mission, which brings together more than 5,000 soldiers, but this is the first time a formal UN investigation has included so many details on her suspicions .

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Mali, where many jihadist groups and militias have taken refuge in the desert, has been facing jihadist threats for many years. The country is plagued by inter-community tensions and has been politically unstable since the military coup against President Brahim Baubkar Kesta in August 2020.

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