Mali: Former prime minister agrees to be under military surveillance

Yasmin Sai |Tuesday 22 June 2021 – 04:08 AM

The former Malian prime minister of the transition, Moktor Ouane, said he was under observation, as did the former transitional president, after receiving a delegation of personalities.

Following the forced seizure of power by Colonel Gosta, former Malian transitional prime minister Moktar Ouane and President Bah Nadav have been placed under house arrest since the end of May, the date of the new put.

On Monday, as he was leaving his home, the former prime minister was the subject of a warning message circulated among the security forces, and when he returned home he found members of these security forces in his yard, a member of his crew said. said. He had also received a delegation of personalities in the Malian capital.

Moctar Ouane and Bah Ndaw were arrested on 24 May following a second coup signed by the military, presented as a necessity and resignation by the military. Since his forced eviction and his exit, he has remained indiscreet.

The country is in the grip of a great economic, security and political crisis, as well as a trust with the people.

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