Male baltimore police hits woman out in shocking video

The shocking video published on Twitter shows that a faceless, barefoot woman punched Baltimore police twice in her face – and then she was taken cold by another officer.

Friday Video The night event shows the woman shouting at the officers before someone grabs her arm and tries to get away.

Then a second officer punches the police into his face before grabbing his arms from behind.

But he is released and connects the fist to the face again.

Then another officer punched – he sent the woman directly to the ground.

Her images, while standing on an officer, turned out to be loose for a few seconds before her head was slightly raised.

President Bernard C. “Jack” Young said on Saturday that the unidentified officer who punched was “dismissed from police duties.” Baltimore Sun reported.

“I believe that the first officer, who was repeatedly shot by the woman, showed a considerable restriction by retaliating without being attacked,” Young said in a statement.

“The woman should be arrested and not attacked. Our justice system does not include the “eye for eye” concept. “

Baltimore was among the many cities in the US that protested on Friday night after George Floyd’s death in police custody.

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