Maldives lifts all restrictions for visitors

(CNN) – The Maldives is reopening next month to all visitors without restrictions.

The tourism board spokesperson confirmed that the Indian Ocean destination will meet tourists from all nations in July.

A previous draft proposal states that travelers should submit a medical certificate confirming the evidence of a negative Covid-19 test, while the island country prefers to allow tourists without prior testing or mandatory quarantine time instead.

There are also no new visa requirements or additional fees.

Currently, anyone with a super yacht or private jet can go there, but regular travelers will have to wait a few more weeks.

Maldives, which closed its borders in March last month, progressive reopening Indicating that flights to the international airport will start in July

“We plan to reopen our borders for visitors in July 2020,” he said in an official statement released by the Ministry of Tourism on May 30.

The statement stressed that tourists will not be charged additional fees, referring to reports of additional visa fees and landing fees.

Ready to reopen

The Maldives has recorded approximately 2,000 confirmed cases and five deaths from Covid-19 to date.

Although the country is closed to international tourists after recording its first cases, about 30 resorts remained openInstead of returning to their homes, guests prefer to isolate themselves here.

Authorities previously suggested reopening the popular honeymoon destination by the end of the year, but this has been suggested.

Government to ensure security, “Safe Tourism License” accrediting tourism facilities that comply with specific safety requirements, such as having state legislation and a tourism certificate and having a certified doctor on call and keeping a “sufficient stock” of personal protection equipment.

The original proposal suggested that incoming travelers should have a confirmed reservation with a licensed tourist resort, but this is no longer valid.

In a statement Published last month, the country’s tourism minister, Ali Waheed, described the impact of the coronavirus pandemic as “more devastating than the 2004 tsunami and the 2008 global financial crisis.”

“For the first time in 47 years of tourism in the Maldives, we have had zero tourists coming since this March,” before adding “we cannot keep our borders closed for a long time.”

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The Maldives hosted more than 1.7 million visitors in 2019, and officials expected this year to increase to two million.

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