Malaria in the eyes of BioNtech after Kovid-19

german biotechnology company biontech In recent months its vaccine co-produced with a US laboratory has stood out because of the effectiveness of its vaccine against COVID-19. pfizer. Based on this experience because of this vaccine type, arnThe German company wants to tackle malaria, a disease causing havoc in the tropics.

“More Chances of Success”

On Monday 26 July 2021, the German laboratory expressed its intention to implement the technology messenger RNA, to fight malaria. To do so, they plan to begin clinical trials for this product next year. This information was given in the press release. “BioNTech intends to develop first mRNA vaccine for malaria prevention” Said biontech. The least we can say is that messenger RNA technology is promising, because according to the director and co-founder of biontechhandjob Ugur Sahinihandjob “More Chances of Success”. Studies on this vaccine will be done in Africa, but also “Other areas where malaria is widespread”.

A vaccine with 77% effectiveness

they will also be in Germany As part of a program supported by the African Union Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (Africa CDC), the European Union and the World Health Organization (WHO). For the record, there is not yet an officially approved vaccine against malaria. However, a vaccine candidate developed by the universityoxford, was born in the month of April with 77% efficiency. The vaccine, which has never had an equal rate before, could gain approval from authorities in two years.

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