Making Science begins integration of its companies in Italy, France and the UK

Making Science CEO Jose Antonio Martinez Aguilar

making science, a technology consulting and digital marketing company specializing in e-commerce and digital transformation, Beginning of integration of the OmniaWeb brand in Italy, Celsius in France and Nara Media in the UK, Make New coexistence process under the Making Science brand.

This amalgamation began after the acquisition of companies in Italy in October 2020 and in France and the United Kingdom in February here), underpins a consortium of expert teams that demonstrate to clients and stakeholders the strength and expertise provided by Making Science in the global digital space.

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The strategic positioning and acceleration of these markets requires this integration process Towards Consolidation, Strength and Leadership of Making Science in All Three Areas.

As the parent and operating brand, Making Science aims to integrate agility, digital knowledge, innovation and technological development to expand its mission, vision and values ​​across all markets in which it operates through its brand. it happens. “Rebranding is another step in the integration strategy of creating science companies and allows them to have a consistent and global position”, he explains. Jose Antonio Martinez Aguilari, CEO of Making Science.

The integration is visually represented by the association and permanence of the companies’ names, along with the distinctive pictogram of Making Science.. In this way, the new logo maintains its modular and fluid form, reflecting the spirit of continuous digital development and innovation, and a fluid, flexible and adaptable concept across all sectors of the group through the use of shapes and colours. . .

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In addition, this gradual integration of the brand responds to the level of Integration of the professionals that make up the companies And that they are the brand’s most important asset to the making science, together adhering to the areas of corporate culture, DNA, tone, voice, purpose and core brand.

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Making Science, already existing in Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Colombia, the United States, Ireland, France, Italy and the United Kingdom, continues its international expansion plan.Aims to operate in the world’s 20 most important advertising markets in five years.

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